At Compass Energy we’re customer obsessed, and it is our mission to supply the most consistent and reliable offshore services globally. With our wide range of engineering, tonnage supply, technical, and consulting services we can service your end to end Oil & Gas or Liquid Natural Gas requirement.

Oil & Gas

Compass Energy offers a wide range of services in the Oil & Gas industry. Specifically vessel owning, operating, and conversions. We focus on difficult production solutions ranging from FSO’s, FPSO’s, MOPU’s, and accommodation units. We manage and finance vessels from construction to decommissioning and recycling.

TONNAGE PROVIDER – We leverage our engineering expertise and find solutions for complex fields in order to expedite production. Our experience lies in FPSO, FSO, MOPU, and accommodation units. We also charter tugs on a consistent bases for our own vessel movements.

CONVERSIONS – We have done many in house and subcontracted vessel conversion projects. We can assist in procurement, design, and construction on a full EPC or Time Charter basis.

DECOMMISSIONING – We have a large network of shipyards that regularly decommission veteran floating Oil & Gas assets. When the time comes we can buy your veteran vessels on an “as is where is” basis for decommissioning.

Liquid Natural Gas

After an increase in demand from our clients we opened our LNG services department in 2013. Since then, we have managed to engineer and design the most innovative floating solutions in the industry. We focus on Liquid to Liquid Natural Gas distribution methods.

Compass Energy Technical Services


ACCOMMODATION, OUTFITTING & HVAC – We optimise the comfort and well-being of the crew whilst maximising available space. We always strive for low maintenance and cost effective solutions.

ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION – Compass Energy ensures the highest standards of quality and technology for electrical & instrumental designs. We understand the importance of redundancy and flexibility to deliver seamless operations.

MECHANICAL & PIPING – We work with the latest technological tools whether it is 3D clash checks or modeling for mechanical handling. Our highly qualified team guarantees a solid integration between structural design, electrical & instrumentation and piping.

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE – Compass Energy’s naval architects contribute to high productivity and safe operations of our designs.

STRUCTURAL – Compass Energy strives for the right balance between ease of construction, strength and weight. Our engineers use state-of-the-art tools to design in 2D and 3D ensuring an optimal structure.

PROCESS SKID DESIGNS – At Compass Energy we combine our knowledge of oil & gas production and marine construction with the strengths of specialist equipment or system suppliers to provide modular packages. We design from process packages to metering skids or the largest and most sophisticated E-Houses.
Understanding that every development is unique and has specific installation and operational requirements we design modules to provide swift, practical and cost effective solutions for our best-in-class clients.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT – Doing business with Compass Energy means being present locally. We use highly qualified field engineers who know the region and its specific needs. We know the suppliers and shipyards in Southeast Asia which results in cost effective project management.

CONSULTANCY – Compass Energy recruits at the leading engineering universities worldwide. We have a thorough understanding of the industry both in technical and commercial terms. This is the heart of our consulting practice