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Compass Energy’s Information Technology Department continuously develops new products to improve Efficiency, Quality and Competitiveness for project engineering and site teams.

A good example of such innovation is Compass Mobile IT, a system used by Compass Energy and her Clients. Site Teams are equipped with a tablet computer with software specifically developed for the Marine, Oil & Gas and Shipbuilding Industry.

Notable Results

• Inspection and test reports on a tablet computer instead of a windblown and wet pieces of paper, providing a real-time status of the “drive for completion”;
• Time savings of 15% for project staff;
• Always the right drawing or document on site avoiding rework;
• No more waiting for downloads on remote yards.

Compass Energy ensures that the Mobile IT Packages interact seamlessly with the Clients’ existing systems.

CeMIC (Compass Energy Mobile IT Completion Tool)

Large completion and commissioning projects can involve many thousands of inspection and test reports (ITR’s). A large FPSO for example can easily require 50,000 ITR’s. To manage 50,000 physical forms with appendices screams for improvement. Compass Energy has developed an Application that presents and processes all ITR’s on a Robust Tablet Computer.

The advantages of the Cemic Application are for example:

• Time and cost savings through more efficient handling of ITR’s;
• Integration with punch-lists, no retyping of punches;
• Easy access and paperless processing;
• On-site signing-off of ITR’s and, if required, a picture on the ITR to prove that the witness was on site;
• Clear status of completion and commissioning in management reports. No more delays in getting the correct status, the system allows for a drive for completion.

Document Register

We know that inspectors do not always have access to the latest drawings, do not always bring all necessary drawings on-board and that drawings get pretty scruffy when carried around on site.

Compass Energy’s Document Register makes the latest version of all relevant documents and drawings accessible to the user on a tablet computer – everywhere, including on board of a rig under construction.

The project documentation is stored on a cloud server where the files are maintained by the Document Control Department.

The tablets have a local copy of all relevant files and are synchronized regularly. Documents are also available offline which means, for example, that a site team can have access to the latest drawings whilst on board of an FPSO, Rig or other vessel.

The advantages of the system are for example:

• Synchronization can be done in spare time, no time is lost waiting for the drawings when you need them. This has proven a major advantage in shipyards where the internet speed is limited.
• The user has always the latest document or drawing available. No rework as a result of using old drawings.
• No need for printing out the documents. They are accessible at any place on the tablet.

Reporting System

Project Managers on a construction site will confirm that there is a continuous flow of things to be done and people to be informed. Dependent on the person registering an action-point, it is often reported in an e-mail, a conversation, on a grubby piece of paper or in an excel list with cut-and-pasted pictures laboriously sprouted from the writers’ own inspiration.

The Issue Reporting Application is a simple standard reporting format on a Tablet Computer or Smart Phone. Issue Reports are e-mailed to the relevant people and all issues reported are stored and accessible in a database. This gives an easy overview of outstanding actions.

The Application generates reports automatically, with all standard data prefilled. The report can include pictures, which can be marked-up, or attachments. The report can be tailored to the Client’s requirement.

The advantages of this Application are for example:

• One issue list, not a variety of scribbled notes;
• Time saving (15% reported), there is, for example no need for cutting and pasting pictures to the report;
• Standardization, easy follow-up and transparency of outstanding items.

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