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Our engineers are the key to our success.

Compass Energy’s highly qualified field engineers have many years of experience in the offshore industry and have been educated at the best engineering universities worldwide.

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Our Creative Team

Our Engineers are the key to our success. Compass Energy’s Engineers have been educated in some of the leading engineering universities worldwide. Their crucial and unique task helps us identify, understand, and interpret the constraints on a design in order to produce a successful result. Our engineers are specialised and have a thorough understanding of interfaces between the relevant engineering disciplines. We provide profitable solutions that create added value to our customers. Compass Energy develops specific work methods that guarantee a reductions in costs on all levels while enabling our teams to work more efficiently and to manage larger projects for our clients.

Hans Hvide


Hans graduated from MIT, Cambridge (MA) in the USA and is an expert in the Oil and Gas industry as well as in the offshore oil production and offshore installations. He has been living for over 20 years in Singapore and has over 22 years of experience in leadership, engineering and contracting. Detailed operational experience in offshore production of Oil and Gas fields using FPSO’s. He managed a wide variety of projects including Conversion of tankers to F(P)SO’s, Construction of MOPU’s, Marine Installation of F(P)SO’s, SPM’s, Speciality Barges. Hans Hvide is the founder and Chairman of Compass Energy Pte Ltd in Singapore and the co-founder and CEO of the FPSO company Nortrans Offshore which is now part of BW Offshore.

Hendrik ten Hoeve

Managing Director

Hendrik graduated from MIT, Cambridge (MA) in the USA. He has been living for over 9 years in Singapore and has over 20 years of experience in the offshore industry. Hendrik has a high capacity to identify problems in early stages to avoid time/cost expenditures. Vast experience in project and people management on an international level. Expert in engineering consulting and possesses considerable experience in leadership. Used to problem solving and focused on product and business development. He managed various companies with up to 300 staff in the marine construction engineering and installations industry. Hendrik has worked on a number of important projects such as conversion of tankers to F(P)SO’s, Construction of MOPU’s, Ship Salvage of vessels and offshore rigs, Marine Installation of F(P)SO’s, SPM’s, Bridges, Tunnels, Diving and Underwater Contracting.

Subhro Banerjee

CEO (Kolkata)

Subhro Banerjee is our Managing Director for Axsys Technologies Ltd India, Kolkata. Graduated with Masters in Business Administration from West Texas University, USA. Subhro has over 20 years’ experience in Business Management. He has been in a Senior management role in several companies. Develop and expand its business. Subhro was one of the Founder & Director of Vision Comptech Ltd in the year 2000. He played a major role by establishing them during the initial years.

Kaushik Roy

Vice President(Kolkata)

Kaushik has over 20 years of Engineering, Software Development and Management experience. He holds Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy from University of Calcutta and Master Technology in Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Madras. Kaushik heads the IT department in Axsys Technologies, he has achieve several Projects for American Bureau of Shipping(ABS). He successfully deliver over 500 units of Hull Maintenance models of Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, FPSOs, Jack-ups and other offshore structures.

Xavier Cheong Yong Kiat

Director (Compass Resources)

Xavier graduated from the National University of Singapore, specialising in Offshore Engineering, and opted to commence his career from the ground up. He started his career in the shipyards, where he was moulded and nurtured in two of the most reputable world-class newbuild rig and vessel conversion shipyard groups in Singapore. Upon building a firm foundation in project management, Xavier then ventured into unchartered waters by taking up a commercial and financial role at an MNC. At the strategic business development unit, he was actively involved in a whole array of assignments for various investments in Oil and Gas projects. With his blend of technical expertise in project management, and background in business development Xavier is striving to advance his career and push the limits of his potential in Compass Energy.

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